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Case Materials

Plywood Core-

This core is best for a light weight and durable cabinet. Our plywood is all sourced domestically and utilizes a soy based adhesive which contains no added formaldehyde. Our plywoods are finished using a factory application of a clear, high solids epoxy. This ultraviolet cured finish emits NO chemical or solvent. See our environment page for more info on why this is such a good thing for both the end user and the planet as a whole.

See our finishes page for more information regarding finishing options.


MDF and Particleboard Core-

These two core materials are best for applications where weight and water resistance are less of a concern and where stability, flatness, and economy are more important features. MDF and Particleboard have been used extensively for many years. They are less prone to seasonal movement and warpage than even the best plywood. These materials are used extensively as core material for doors and other applications that require a flat surface and warp resistance. These cores can be finished with high-pressure laminates or veneers.


We use only the best European style hinges by Blum. Manufactured in a state of the art plant in North Carolina, these hinges include the industry’s best soft closing functionality and impeccable craftsmanship. They come with a lifetime warranty and are ISO 9001 certified.

Sleek and efficient metal or wooden drawer boxes with 100 lb. capacity and smooth action and a soft close on Blum Tandem undermount glides.

We carefully select the best functional hardware for our cabinetry to ensure many years of trouble-free and easy use. Maximize efficiency and enjoy the benefits of top quality engineering in all aspects of your cabinetry.